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Make sure you've read these rules before adding your blog

The ground rules

  • NO BLOGS THAT ARE NSFW. If you don't know what this is, you're blog is probably fine.
  • You must put your blog at the bottom of the list
  • If you want, describe your blog with up to 500 words.
  • Create a new section after every 100 blogs (i.e. 101 to 200, 201 to 300, 301 to 400, etc.)
  • Once you have listed yourself, it is suggested that you write a quick post on your blog or in your sidebar saying "I am number ### on the million blog list." You can also display a badge saying: listed at million blog list
  • If you have helped spread the word: posted about million blog list, added it to your blogroll, or put the badge on your site; then you may put the name of your site in bold.
  • Note: due to widespread abuse of the above rule, we are now automatically unbolding all blogs when moving them from the 'New' page to archive pages. You can sign up for an account and re-bold your blog after it has been moved.
  • If you find that a link is no longer valid, do not delete it. Just Remove the hyperlink and put a note saying "Not working DD/MM/YY"
  • If you find a link that is obviously spam, do not delete it. Remove the hyperlink, add a strikethru, and add a note saying "SPAM"
  • That's it. We may change these rules at any time as it becomes necessary.
  • If you delete a section, your IP address will be blocked - it is suggested you use the "Show preview" button to ensure you aren't unwittingly causing damage

Got it? Click here to add your blog - Press edit, then make sure to scroll to the bottom

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