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1900 All about Cars | A lot of info about cars. Car insurance tips. Car maintenance tips.
1901 License to Trespass Musings and ramblings of a regular college girl on a journey of discovering what defines her entirety.
1902 Game Life Rants and thoughts about game on a tiny island at the other side of the world.
1903 An expat and an ex-expat share their France TalesFunny, informative, useful, irreverent tales of living, moving to, coping in France.
1904 Lost in Wonder Twenty-something, "rebel" (depends on the perspective) waiting for the right one, ranting and having adventures in the meantime.
1905 [1] | Free Visual Basic tools and resources related to Visual Basic Programming.
1906 [2] Everyday random ramblings - from reviews to grouches - of a 20-something girl in sunny singapore.
1907 [3] Blog of a Stay at Home Mom joggling time with homeworks,play,study while practicing photography and writing.
1908 [4] Tech News, Software Reviews, Graphics Design & Programming Tutorials and much more.
1909 Stupid Dinosaur Lies This blog exposes and debunks the falsehoods of the young earth creationists’ beliefs on dinosaurs.
1910 [5] Philippine travels, adventures, beaches, food and more
1911 [6] Have fun with all kinds of jokes
1912 [7]Organically Inclined is the how-to journal for living simply, wisely, cheaply - and eco-consciously. Have Less. be More.
1913 Only in Silence a blog by Abelle . . . . . not your typical mama-next-door blogger
1914 Web Design Blog Welcome To WebGuru's Blog. We provide valuable information and articles ranging from web design, web programming, logo design, flash design to search engine optimization and many other website related tips and tricks.
1915: Cinema Scene Movie Reviews from Mort Marcus and Richard von Busack. (Podcast)
1916: MYINSPIRELIFE! Welcome! DO click the link to find out more interesting posts BUT 100% NO SPAM!We hate spams so dont worry! Visit us now!And link us perhaps or tag us!Product reviews,singapore adtags and many more
1917: TurnTheRadioOn The home blog of 89.5 Bay FM, the official Radio Station of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines.
1918: zelnique zelene's blog. have you read it?
1919: Art For Hair - Jewelry for Long Hair Our hair jewelry. long hair care and featured Etsy artists/craftspeople.
1920: Crimson Heavens Random thoughts and babblings of an insane Filipina in Kuwait suffering from a Typical-Mad-And-Weird-Programmer Syndrome (TMAWP Syndrome) who, despite being 26 years old and having an above-average IQ, most of the time acts like a 5-year-old brat.
1921: http://thegiftinghouse.blogspot.com/ Through this blog I will take you through my life as a homeschooling, single mother (help from grandma), building a crafting empire while becoming eco-friendly.
1922: Never Clever Whatsoever - Some random teenager who thought it was a good idea to start a blog.
1923: David Leonhardt's SEO Marketing Express a sometimes iconoclastic look at SEO and realted topics.
1924: Self-help Happiness Tips and observations about happiness and self-help topics.
1925:Past, Present & Future... All in His hands - the life of a muddled sanguine-cum-melancholic who's wild yet shy, fun yet boring. Here she talks about her life, her views, the world and everything else.
1926:Branding Strategy Insider - Helping marketing oriented leaders and professionals build strong brands.
1927 Jenn Was Here - A chronicle of my all sorts of trips, may it be road trip, food trip, or side trip to the local establishments in the Philippines.
1928: Lillyella, uniquely you - The life of a peanut butter loving, gun totin' jewelry maker.
1929 Scooter McGavin's 9th Green - Your one stop place for music, television, movies, sports and politics.
1930 I've never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful - All about Michael who was born with a unilateral cleft lip & palate
1931 Swirls and Twirls CLICK ME! :D
1932 Unconventional Marketing Blog A blog dedicated to unconventional marketing tips displayed both on and offline.
1933 Diaries of a Domestic Goddess http://goddessinthehouse.blogspot.com
1934 Authentic Greek Recipes Regularly updated authentic Greek recipes as they are cooked locally in the country.
1935 Corfu Chronicles A variety of musings from the island of Corfu...plus some serious information.
1936 Corfu Property Regularly updated list of available properties for sale on the island of Corfu, Greece.
1937 TheWhyFile We showcase all the weird and wacky pictures, videos, links and topical news stories we find all over the net that make you think….WHY?
1938 Eye-CandiEye-Candi & Eye-Hilarity to feast your eyes upon! Showcasing some of the most beautiful, scenic or weird and wacky photographs that can be found! Eye-Candi for your eyes to behold!
1939 HenryPoh.comPwning Life since 1337. Games. Tech. Blog.
1940 Blogging Choices Building knowledge insights for home and business use on such things as 80% energy savings, and manufacterer direct buying advantages, etc.
1941 CoffeeJitters Seattle writer Judy Haley blogs about life, marriage, food, the Pacific Northwest, photography, creativity and returning to college as a 37 year old woman.
1942 duh pookie Politics with a twist of dementia. Come. Visit. Think new thoughts.
1943 Live Musician Central Become a better Player, Musician and Band by reading Live Musician Central. Written by 27 year rock band veteran, Matt Rushton.
1944 NEXT Hottest ModelPremiere Modeling, Fashion and Design Blogazine. We are the Blogosphere's Most Admired Modeling Blogazine. Ready to go NEXT?
1945 Next Model MENHottest Male models, coolest Photographers, what more do you want?
1946 Next ExpressMEN Male Models, Hottest Actors, coolest designers? They're all here, and they're all going NEXT.
1947 NEXT Blogified Discover great blogs. Don't just say it. Blogified it!
1948 ExpressMEN The site that started it all. Male Models. Hottest Photographers. No wonder why we are the Blogosphere's Most Admired Modeling sites!
1949 Another Computers Blog C and java programming examples. Also some MIPS examples and computer tips.
1950 featuring the retarded teen
1951 100% Batangueno
1952 Lemonologie A thirty-something's journal of life, and the lemons that get thrown at her
1953 Amy's Web Log This is my place to share stuff (music, books, art, miscellaneous information) that I find or hear about with you.
1954 Sharon Hart The Artist's Muse http://www.sharonahart.blogspot.com The Artist's Muse merges Insightful musing about politics, art, and philosophy from Sharon Hart, a highly collectible emerging artist in the southwest of the United States
1955 MY REALITY TELEVISION Reality Through Television as we see it... Polls, Predictions, Recaps. The Latest Buzz in major Reality Television Shows in the United States. Open 24/7
1956 Jurlique's tidbits of life Random happenings and other stuff.
1957 Real Estate LicenseReal estate licensing information for prospective real estate agents.
1958 Sensible Self Improvement Self improvement information for everyone.
1959 Golf Ball CarvingsCheck out the intricate scenes carved inside of real golf balls.
1960 Commercial SoftwareCommercial software glossary and articles about the latest tech and gadgets.
1961 Rambleicious A blog about a little of everything - life, food, fun stuff, technical writing, books and whatever catches my fancy.
1962 Just Me A look into the life of a trucker wife and the rest of the family.
1963 Aimee's An Anachronistic Anarchist
1964 Glimpse~ Sulyap sa Buhay at iba pa...Latest updates from the Entertainment world, life's inspirations and motivations and anything about life in between
1965 Glimpse~ my chickasYour daily gossip source...
1966 BlogaPro Provides tips on how to make money blogging as a professional blogger.
1967 World of Secrets Just some random bits of my life, and my thoughts on life, and everything else. =D
1968 Thoughts on Global WarmingGlobal warming, alternative energy and green tech news and analysis, with special green reports.
1969 Fennster Top News Headlines with a twist! Any opinions welcome!!!
1970 Redz Lawn Tips Lawn and Garden articles
1971 Crazy Memories Collector - A Gothic Blog A Personal Blogging Zine!
1972 HoundsGood - Chronicles of a Virtual VolunteerChange the world without leaving the house.
1973 Tom's Citrus County Real Estate BlogReal Estate and News from Citrus County, Florida
1974 The SnackHoundDo you smell something burning?
1975 Making Money Online DailyThis blog was designed exclusively for network marketers and others looking to promote and advertise their business and share resources.
1976 Bollywood Fashion PoliceProviding daily commentary on the fashion faux pas of Bollywood's celebrities. Consider it a public service.
1977 South Africa Photo Blog Simply photos highlighting the beauty of South Africa
1978 Good Golf Australian Golf and a Look at the Lighter Side
1979 Japan India Japanese and Indian culture and language
1980 So, what were we talking about again? A social commentary blog of sorts where basically I post about whatever issues or topics are rattling around up there.
1981 Living In Digital Moments A multimedia technology blog that focuses on how new developments impact the end user.
1982 Revenue Robot A blog that is a mixture of art, design, making money, and gaming glitches.
1983 LIPSTANK.com Urban Celebrities, Gossip, News & more...
1984 Lifeforrent Office politics..
1985 Retarded's Notebook writes everything blah..
1986 The Council Musings of an Ex-Banker, on Travel, Photography, Government, Laws, Technology, the Philippines and others
1987 Almost Fit Health and Fitness site that is devoted to weight loss and improved health by eating Real Food in Moderation.
1989 Clockwork Orange Trials and tribulations of the expat's life in Edinburgh.
1990 Sweet Serendipity Daily adventures in homeschooling, parenting and pooch pampering
1991 Ela-Mesa Movies,Music,TV,Sports...All in here.
1992 Red Stapler Chronicles Hating your Job and Making Money Online.
1993 Basquez's Stories A blog about politics, fiction, sport etc. in Greek.
1994 Secular Sunday Sermon Weekly field reports from the war on religion...
1995 Wolverine Hacks Blogging tips, tricks, hacks, widgets, applications and many more..
1996 Busby SEO Challenge Anime Episodes Contains information about the Busby SEO Challenge anime style, latest episodes of Naruto, Bleach and other anime, movies and TV series.
1997 Busby SEO Challenge The official blog of bleuken, a Filipino Programmer and a Busby SEO Challenger from Roxas City, Capiz Philippines. He provides different tips about SEO, programming, computer security and other things under the sun.
1999 Just for Sharing
2000 [8] Reading, writing and decorating.
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